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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is AMSTAR?

AMSTAR is an instrument used in assessing the methodological quality of systematic reviews

2. What does AMSTAR stand for?

A MeaSurement Tool to Assess systematic Reviews

3. What is the benefit of using a tool like AMSTAR to assess systematic reviews?

AMSTAR can be used to assess the methodological quality of a systematic review and as a guide to performing a systematic review. Two agreements are required during quality assessment ensuring lower risk of bias. AMSTAR has guidelines explaining each outlined item

4. What is considered a well done systematic review when assessed with AMSTAR

When all the items on the checklist have been addressed

5. Can AMSTAR Be used to assess non randomized studies?

AMSTAR was created for systematic reviews of RCTs.  However, AMSTAR 2 has been developed to appraise systematic reviews of both randomized and non-randomized studies

6. How can I get a copy of AMSTAR 2?

Download AMSTAR 2 here and it's guidance document here

7. I have never used AMSTAR 2 before where do I begin?

We have a more comprehensive user guide that explains the items in detail and allows the reviewer to rate based on critical flaws that the review may possess

8. Do you have a social media page I can follow?

No, not at the moment

9. What is the difference between AMSTAR and R-AMSTAR?

We did NOT develop R-AMSTAR and therefore cannot attest to its validity. Our tools are AMSTAR and AMSTAR 2

10. My question is not on this list. Who do I contact for more information?

We apologize that you have not received the information you seek. Feel free to contact us here. Post your comments/concerns and a team member will respond to you ASAP

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