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What is AMSTAR

AMSTAR stands for A MeaSurement Tool to Assess systematic Reviews. There has been a proliferation of systematic reviews as one of the key tools for evidence-based health care. This has presented both opportunities and risks. The opportunities being that it creates an environment where researchers can base decisions on accurate, succinct, credible, comprehensive and comprehensible summaries of the best available evidence on a topic thereby minimising error and bias.  The risks include variation in quality and empirical validation.

Decision-makers have attempted to find ways of best utilizing the vast amounts of systematic reviews available to them that offer pertinent and well-founded literature that is of the highest quality.

Goals of AMSTAR Uses of AMSTAR
  1. To create valid, reliable and useable instruments that would help users differentiate between systematic reviews, focusing on their methodological quality and expert consensus.
  2. To facilitate the development of high-quality reviews.
  1. To develop and evaluate reviews

  2. To use as a guide to conduct of reviews

  3. To use as an aid to teaching about systematic reviews.
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